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StarLite Bot

StarLite Bot

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4.75" x 10" x 2.5" 

While he may look like he has a couple of screws loose, you can rest assured his memory is all there.

A wisdom keeper, StarLite transfers information from place to place as a knowledge mail carrier of sorts. Built with a data chip inside him which allows this robot to hold immense amounts of data, the StarLite robot can remember almost anything!  Whether that be blueprints, recipes, or factoids, StarLite covers it all. Being a seemingly infinite source of knowledge, StarLite will be able to ensure the history of Robot City Zero is preserved and maintained through the ages.

With your very own StarLite, you can rest easy knowing your information is safe with him!

This is a unique design. Signed by artist.

Unique one-of-a-kind primer and paint finishing design. Each piece will be similar but have subtle variations in brush marks, heart placement, and wood grain.

*Cool piece of art, not intended for play

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