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Cube Bot Turner

Cube Bot Turner

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Body dimensions are approximately 11.5" x 3.5" x 5.5"

Designed initially to scavenge precious minerals, Turner now finds itself in search of its own cherished items.

Inside his secret compartment, Turner scavenges and stores items found across the junkyard and factories in search of sentimental and valuable treasures, which it collects inside its trusty metal stash. One of its most prized possession is a ruby-colored set of dice found in one of the oldest factories in the city, which it keeps tucked away safely. These playing dice, once owned by the creator behind the Cube Bot models, now bring a sense of sentimentality to this rusted old robot. Though some may consider its stash to be nothing more than junk, Turner would call it a treasure.

You can pick up your own Cube Bot today, and rest assured knowing Turner is keeping your trusty belongings safe.

Handmade sculpture using a variety of materials including wood, metal parts, and paint.

*Cool piece of art, not intended for play

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